A Guide to Cape Wrath

The Scottish Highlands are undoubtedly a high contender on the list of the greatest scenic landscapes on the planet. It’s no accident that William Shakespeare chose to set some of his most famous and ground-breaking plays here, and no one captures their eerie magnificence quite as well as the master himself.

One Magical Environmental Gem

Walking through the Cape, above the inlet of Kyle of Durness, one loses any concept of time and space. The majestic sea cliffs and virgin landscapes have remained frozen in time for centuries. You can still hear the roars of the Norse Viking Gods echoing off their mighty walls.Not to mention the moorlands, which will won’t disappoint the naturalist out there. The immense variety of indigenous, as well as pervasive flora and fauna is sure to keep any amateur as well as professional geologist, zoologist or botanist ecstatic. Furthermore, the migrating birds perched at the end of the season on top of the mountainous costal plateaus are an ever-present Instagrammable memento for the keen birdwatcher or wildlife photographer.

Two Different Souls

The naturescapes breathe with the spirits of centuries past, and the winding roads and thriving wildlife has an awakening essence of its own. Look no farther than the meandering country trails of Kirk Yetholm that make for some of the best places to go hiking in Cape Wrath. We also have a article about hiking in the 21st Century. That one tells you a bit about how people might have interest in the entertainment of a casino bonus wihout deposit while enjoying a hike at the same time.

However, the rural charm alone may not be to everyone’s tastes. Maybe a bit of both rural and urban is what the heart desires. For some of the best urbanite escapes look no further than the cosmopolitan Fort William. Permanently buzzing with life, this multicultural gem of a town is sure to impress even the most notorious of city slickers.


That said it would be an immense pity, however, not to be lured by the magical call of the wilderness, when it so blatantly beckons you to it. Unashamedly playing to the senses of touch, smell and sight, the pull of nature is undeniable. The world-renowned trails of the Scottish Highlands, with their picturesque vistas, are quite breath-taking. The melancholic murmurs of Heathcliff’s voice from Virginia Woolf’s ‘To the Lighthouse,’ sends shivers down your spine, as you can almost hear them upon beholding the famous Cape Wrath Lighthouse. The towering beacon of hope could have, with some imagination, very easily inspired the writer’s masterpiece.

There’s just no place quite like Sutherlands of Scotland, and their mesmerizing surreal atmosphere remains one of Britain’s best-kept secrets. The ferryboats on the Parph are the stuff that postcards are made of.