5 Tips For Hikers


It is hiking time again, and you can’t help thinking about your new adventure. While hiking is certainly enjoyable, please note a few tips for a more fruitful experience.

Physical fitness

Consult a doctor before you start your expedition and seek his advice. This is even more important for all those suffering from diabetes, and other medical conditions. Explain your expedition to your doctor, so that he understands whether you are completely fit or not. If it’s a cycling expedition, tell him how many miles you would ride.

In short, your doctor must know the physical stress you would be going through. This will help him prescribe the right medication for you.

5 tips for hikers

Know where you are going

You should know everything about your destination. If you don’t know much about your port of call, draw out a map and get all the right information. Find out your destination’s topography, how far it is from your home, and also whether humans inhabit it.

As a hiker, you should also know if there is a rail track or road near your intended destination. Once you have collected all the facts, share your destination with your friends and family. This will also help you make all the required preparations.

Dress right

The right clothes and other apparel make all the difference in your hike. Wear the right clothes and make your trip memorable. If your eventual destination is humid, carry long-sleeved clothes to keep the mosquitoes away. Alternatively, consider wearing light clothes while travelling to a warm camping site.

The right shoes can make all the difference to your hiking experience. While sturdy boots are good for mountainous and forested regions, light footwear is apt for beaches and sandy areas. However, make sure your shoes are comfortable

Communication is the key

While it’s good to be adventurous, it’s even better to stay in touch with your friends and family. Therefore, you should always carry a cellphone or satphone to stay in touch with your folks. Never forget to carry a battery charger in your treks. You never know when your phone might die out.

We have another advice for all the wannabe hikers; please share your location with your family. You can do this by sending your location’s Google Map link to your folks.

Don’t litter

Finally, behave as a responsible earth citizen while you are travelling. This means no littering around, and respecting Mother Nature.


To sum up, combine your hiking pleasure with safety and responsibility. At the same time, \respect nature and behave like a responsible global citizen.