The Best Places to Go Hiking in Cape Wrath

There is a bunch of possibilities to choose from when you hike in Cape Wrath. The two most famous trails are the legendary Cape Wrath Trail and the Kirk Yetholm trail, but even here the options for walks and alternate pathways are numerous.

Planning Ahead

When selecting your hikes, you need to consider a bunch of factors including ensuring that you have the right kit. Starting with the map you choose; don’t simply trust your OS map, it won’t always sufficiently cover the area. Besides, there is some charm in the old school feel of a good guide map. Many swear by the Harvey maps, but there is a range of alternative options. Choose something that suits your tastes and sense of wonder.If you swear by technology, however, fear not. You can find a selection of resources online. Nevertheless, do keep in mind that unless you have satellite service, you may not be covered by a network on your wildlife diversions. Make sure you print them off beforehand and always have them handy and easily accessible.

Being Prepared

Hiking Cape Wrath will surely be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life; however no one said it was going to be easy. The trails are unmarked and uninhabited, which means you’ll have to be sufficiently prepared and bring a lot of your own equipment if you intend to undertake the full challenge of the highland pass, and experience the true spell of the place.

If that is nowhere near your personal intent or human capabilities, you don’t need to miss out either way. You might just opt to take a few easy nature jogs or strolls instead, and enjoy the view, taking a few memento snaps along the way. Notwithstanding, when visiting rural and out of reach areas, always plan ahead. Think about food, water, gear and entertainment. If you’re in the middle of nowhere and there’s a sudden change in weather conditions, you may have to spend the night, and chances that you run into a populated spot in time are slim. This is of course an extreme scenario, but you might be caught off guard at a moment’s notice. The best policy in an undertaking such as this is to have planned for every eventuality.

From Bare Basics to Undeniable Comforts

A good backpack can make or break your life. It makes sense to invest in a decent rucksack. You’ll thank yourself later. Don’t forget about the maps, the importance of comfortable footwear, a good windproof jacket, a change of clothing never goes amiss, and always make sure you have a good amount of water, a bunch of trail mix and at least two sustaining meals packed away. It stands to reason that you won’t find power outlets in the tree trunks, so if you’re relying on your tech, always make sure you have batteries and power banks at hand.

If you do decide to invest in a tent and sleeping bag (which would be recommended) make sure it’s something that can withstand the elements, but is also comfortable and convenient to stash and carry.

Last but not least, for entertainment during a hike in the 21st century not only will you want to keep your social media updated and communication lines open, you might like to have access to guilty luxuries such as music, for example.