Entertainment During a Hike in the 21st Century

Even the sights may prove to be a little too overwhelming at times, so if you do go hiking, you want to have alternative options available for entertainment, just in case. You may get bored of just walking all the time, and let’s face it; you’re not filming a Lord of The Rings movie.

Truth be told, most of us city slickers have a hard time reverting back ‘into the wild’ of things. After all, not everyone was made to be a contestant on Survivor or a member of Bear Grylls’ cast. Gadgets are your friends. Weather it’s a fancy Canon camera, your trusted Go Pro, a state of the art drone, a beloved tablet, or simply an indispensable mobile phone, these babies will prove to be your go to buddies for entertainment. It can get lonely in the vast expanses of open land, sea and skyscapes. The sheer splendour can be dizzying.Having a hard drive filled with movies is a godsend, however there’s only so much equipment and props you can comfortably carry. You need to think about essentials and necessities. So how about signing up to a Netflix account, instead? It lightens the load and gives you limitless hours of entertainment for the lazy days where you’d rather remain shut away in your hostel or cozied up in the tent.

Audio Books

The countryside and picturesque surroundings make for an awesome place to absorb literature, to the point where it becomes a spiritual experience. The Scottish Highlands are filled with intriguing literary ghosts. Unfortunately, books are too heavy to carry, not to mention that reading might not be a comfort so easily afforded in poor light conditions and situations where decisions on which gadget gets the juice and which doesn’t becomes a reality.

Audio books can easily be stored on your Mp3/4 tablet or phone. Meaning they won’t take up any additional space, add precious kilograms to your load, or drain your limited power supply. Yet, you still get to enjoy the bewitchment of a literary classic, or alternatively take in some area history to educate yourself prior to the treks.


In all the serenity and silence of the great escape, you might want some upbeat entertainment to feel at home for a while. Cabin fever is a real and underlying threat at all times. Distractions are vital to keep the mind busy and boredom at bay. Games are a great way to keep your cognitive skills about you, as well as sharpen your problem solving abilities. In other scenarios they may serve simply as an interactive and alternative outlet for one’s energies. Online casinos offer a wide range of games to play and try for free, if you sign up. The great news is that they won’t take up gigabytes of that already precious storage on your gadgets, so they can instead be used for photos or videos to add to your Instagram.

Mobile Casino is the way to go, with all the lore and wonder of a real casino in the comfort of your pocket.