Places to Stay Here

As explained, Cape Wrath is the ultimate rural country escape, and is a location that is sparsely populated. However, if sleeping under the open stars in the wilderness in a tent gives you the heebie-jeebies and isn’t your idea of adventure, fear not, there are a number of campsites dotted along the trail.

And for the absolutely spoiled princes and princesses, you can find a collection of hostels, bed and breakfasts, hotels and shacks.


It is always advisable to do your research and book well in advance, as accommodations are understandably limited, especially during times in the season when the weather is favourable. Not to mention that you’re likely to find better deals with more flexibility the earlier you book.

Be smart; make sure you choose accommodation that is within manageable distance of the trails you intend to hike. It’s not likely you will find lodgings right along the treks, so be wary of distances when you make a reservation, and plan your days well in advance.

From campsites to five-star luxury spa hotels, you will find them all, but don’t expect to have a room waiting for you at all times. Be realistic when planning the journey and book the hotels along the way well in advance. Plan your trek, and then proceed to make the reservations, not the other way round. It’s safer to have to cancel, then to not have them available at all.

The Attractions

One of the most renowned historical retreats in the area is The Lighthouse itself, though it sadly does not offer accommodation. The cosy café is a beautiful scenic spot to stumble into for lunch after a long and exhausting trip. However, for the truly spoiled, Cape Wrath Lodge is a mere stone’s throw away and offers a luxury highland retreat like no other, where you can prepare to be spoiled rotten by the scenic views and royal treatments.

If you’d rather feel more at one with nature than afford yourself a pampering, then the campsites might be as better option. Most of these serving as nature reserves, they undoubtedly prove to be one of the best ways to get in touch with one’s own true inner nature, to become one with the surrounding wildlife, and to appreciate the buzzing essence of life that exists within all living beings.