Some Area History

Cape Wrath is a gorgeous rural escape in the parish county of Durness in Sutherland. It had always been home to a small and sparse community of crofting and farming communities. The nature in Cape Wrath makes for brilliant sheep grazing grounds, which are still used in the present day.

The Lighthouse

The gorgeous lighthouse that emerges like a beacon of good hope out the monumental sea cliffs on the coastline is a true masterpiece of design and engineering. Commissioned by Robert Stephenson sometime in the 18th century, it was a welcoming sight to behold by passing ships.

Signalling a promise of shelter, the Cape served as a refuge and a safe haven on the channel crossing and provided protection from the tempestuous elements to many a ship and crew. Even harking back to ancient times, before the lighthouse had been built, the point of the Wrath and its Siren call was an invigorating song to the Viking ships of the Norse folk.



Dating even farther back into prehistory, the diverse and thriving nature as well as varied geology of the area, attracted our prehistoric ancestors to build settlements here. In this corner of the globe, the natural landscape in Cape Wrath is best left to speak for itself. The sheer magnitude of strikingly breathtaking scenery, quite literally speaking, will at times take your breath away and knock your socks off. You will be left dumbfounded at the spectacle that is the harmony of the universe at work around you.


The quiet escape of the Wrath is just the spiritual healing exercise that the modern privileged city dweller needs to experience at least once in their lives; the kind of deviation from the ordinary that books are written about, and that can spark a series of extraordinary experiences that last a lifetime.

One really feels at one with nature in this magical and mysterious place. The fog and the clean smelling air give it a fairy-tale-like atmosphere, surreal in some ways. Dreams come to be born in this place, and anything is possible. Gods were made here, and it’s so easy to understand why. You’ll feel at one with the scenery and its thriving wildlife that buzzes around you. Nature here has been left totally undisturbed for centuries.

The place is seen as a safe haven and paradise by many species. The sea cliffs provide a migration ground or mating stop for varieties of birds that make their way across the inlet throughout the year. It’s quite a sight to behold for the keen birdwatcher; but even the uneducated eye with a sense for the aesthetic can appreciate its beauty.