Why Visit Scotland?

Scotland is not just limited to the Cape. Instead of purchasing just a guide to Cape Wrath, it might be worth it for one to consider investing in and researching the whole Scottish experience. Whether it’s the beautiful coastal islands, the bustling cities, distillery tours, a few rounds of golf, or just taking in the whole land, whatever your tastes, Scotland has something for you.

The Outdoors

If you’re interested in hiking, we’ve already stated that the Cape Trails are for the more hardened and weathered travellers among you. But there are shorter and easier passes all about the region, and a plethora of activities to engage in for audiences of any conceivable age, background, or interest. If you want to keep active while also engaging in some Scottish history, many locations offer foot tours of historic locales

Although the hiking will always be one of the main selling points of the spectacular landscapes, there are numerous other facets to Scotland’s outdoors. If you’re looking for some naval adventure, you can try a river-rafting trip, or head to the coast for boat trips through the small islands that dot the Scottish coast. Many are home to some interesting treasures, whether they be small distilleries or historic locations. You can see the lands as the Vikings once approached them, in many places preserved almost as they were centuries ago.

City Breaks

For those seeking cultural events, Scotland hosts a wide array of attractions to sate your artistic thirst. Edinburgh in particular has a wide array of museums as well as hosting the annual Fringe Festival, where many independent theatre, musical, and comedic performers come from all over the world to perform some of the best shows you will ever see. You’ll also find a plethora of historical sites and museums, documenting and preserving the long history of the Scots, from prehistory through the Viking raids and settlement, up to the present day.

Cultural Exchange

One cannot talk about Scotland without mentioning the sport they shared with the world: golf. As the home of golf, Scotland has many courses to offer, from the ultimate experience at the greatest and most storied courses to those of simple beauty. You also may want to indulge in other traditions like buying a kilt or eating some authentic haggis. Whether it’s tours of centuries old whiskey distilleries, bagpipe performances, or simply sampling the local cuisine, Scotland’s doors are open to sharing its many traditions to enthusiastic travellers.

The Northern Lights, the castles of legend, and the wonderful and heart-warming brews of beer and malts of whisky are sure to please any fussy connoisseur of the sensory and aesthetic frontiers. Here one transcends reality and moves into the realm of the extraordinary, where one can walk and feel the same urgings and emotions as those who have gone before, and who have themselves revelled in the fantastic splendours that this forgotten corner of the globe has to offer.